Who am I? (Who are you?)

I have had a number of aliases over time, but as long as you are here, none of them matter. For as long as I have been alive I have had a love of old things. My father recently recounted to me a memory from my childhood...

"There was one evening, when you were only seven or eight years old, where you went down the road with the neighbor to look at the yardsale. You were gone for maybe thirty minutes and came back with some old rotary telephone."

It's true. I found an old telephone that was being sold for only five dollars. I recall my neighbor was kind enough to purchase it for me. Since then, I have become a lover of all things which have gone out of fashion. I like old music, old movies, old transportation, old clothes, old firearms, and countless other categories.

I am obviously a fan of Japanese entertainment. I first encountered anime somewhere around 2014, where my first shows were School Days, Akame ga Kill! and Noucome. It was inevitable from there that I would eventually discover Lolita and Gothic Lolita fashion. A style of clothing inspired by the beauty of Victorian dresses, combined with the beauty of moe young girls? Perfection!

Loli! Moe! Maids, dresses, berets! This is what Sisyphus struggles for, what Atlas lifts for, what Azathoth dreams of and what Cain killed for!


    Where are you from?
  • I come from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where my family has lived for over 300 years. I currently do not live there but wish to return.

    What's your taste in anime girls like?
  • I like girls who wear modest clothes and have short hair. I like blonde and black-haired girls. I like girls who hold knives.

    What's your favorite anime?
  • My favorite is probably Is the Order a Rabbit? If you want a full list of my favorites and recommendations across all media, look here.

    Where can I contact you?
  • You cannot.