An assortment of wonderful hats

Hats are the finest and most cultured element of fashion ever devised.

A hat can tell you a lot about a person- where they're from, what they do, their age, their religion, their wealth, and much more. But today, at least in the United States, it feels as though all hats that aren't baseball caps or trucket hats have disappeared from the common fashion. We went from a world that wore nice suit jackets and formal coats to one that wears almost nothing but t-shirts and jeans. I have once gone into a self-proclaimed "hat store" that sold absolutely nothing but baseball caps oriented around sports. A crime that the ages shall remember!

On this page, I will talk about hats. Many kinds from many countries. And to showcase their wonder, I will provide cute anime girls wearing them.

The Beret

The beret is the most desirable of all hats for a loli to wear. It can be formal or casual, feminine or for Frenchmen, simple or decorated. Besides the bonnet and the headdress, it is probably the most prominent hat in lolita fashion.

The Boater

The boater hat has its origins in Venetian oarsmen around the end of the 19th century, hence the name "boater". It became vastly popular around the civilized world for perhaps the next forty years and can often be seen alongside fedoras and trilbys. It's my personal favorite style of hat.

The Bowler

A staple of the Victorian era, the bowler hat is that very roundish hat with an upwards-curved rim. You can find some pleasant imagery of anime girls wearing them sometimes, but being that it has always been primarily male in its wearer demographic, you won't find many. The most prominent wearers in anime are both from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Speedwagon sometimes wears one, as does the protagonist of the spinoff manga Dead Man's Questions.

The Bonnet

A bonnet is a very broad word perhaps more accurately used to describe the shape of a hat rather than what it actually is. A bonnet is a hat with a long and soft brim that makes almost a conical shape in front of the wearer's head. They've been around for a long time in western society and have at times been worn by both genders, but hold a reputation as part of casual and modest women's attire.

The Fascinator

A general term I intend to use to describe all small or "mini" hats. If you've ever watched an old film and saw women in black with a strange feather hat, that too counts as a fascinator. In anime they don't appear often in their proper feather-y form, but mini hats appear very frequently.