Lolicological Research Division

An examination of cute girls

WHY is it that anime girls can be cute even in the most BIZARRE or MUNDANE of circumstances? And WHY do we like it this way? OBSERVE.

HERE is a candlestick manifested as an anime girl. The object in question is an IRRELEVANT household item used to provided lighting, but an artist has chosen to reimagine it as a cute girl. WHY IS THIS, and WHY does it WORK in its objective of obtaining cuteness? It is a phenomenon most BIZARRE.

HERE is an anime girl enjoying some form of lunch. But her SUSPENDERS have slightly SLIPPED OFF her shoulder. The artist has INTENTIONALLY depicted this because he finds this CUTE. He is correct. But WHY IS THIS?

These are questions that NO MAN can truly answer, yet EVERY MAN can relate to. Mankind is afraid of FIRE, but despite CUTENESS being a force just as immortal and just as unpredictable as combustion, we are DRAWN to it. WHY IS THIS?