On the Importance of Housekeepers

An something-or-another about maids

To where has the occupation of the live-in servant gone?

What of the maid and the butler, the cook and the cleaner?

Housekeepers have always been of varying prominence here in these United States. Certainly more prominently in Europe, there were once middle class households that could afford to employ one or a more- the number of course being dependent on wealth and need- servants to live with and serve the family. It was an honorable and dignified job that fell out of fashion when the forces who control the world decided living in apartments and in socially distant communities was apparently the way forward.

Being a weeb, I will ignore butlers for now and focus on maids. In a maid one can find a great concentration of positive qualities for a girl all-around. A maid in body and in mind is highly disciplined and perhaps representative of Order itself.

To be frank, it's almost hard to not see the appeal of a maid. All girls look good in maid dresses of several different styles. Goshi-san has a nice chart of a couple different styles of maid here.

There is little more to be said- maids, in and of themselves, are very persuasive on their own. If you do not yet appreciate maids, take a look at my recommendations page for some manga featuring them. May you dream of a well-tended-to foyer and a spotless study.

"We're getting a maid!"

- Gregory Heffley, Diary of a Wimpy Kid