Recommended Media

Looking for something to watch, read, listen to or study? Here are recommendations for materials within my interests.

Note: Any links were attached for your convenience. If they don't work or aren't to your liking, find the media yourself.


  • Useless Ponko
  • A maid manga about a robot-girl named Ponko and the grouchy old man she's assigned to work for. It explores the problems of growing older, losing family, and finding meaning in life past your prime. Ponko is also very cute.
  • Maid Simply Loves to Eat
  • The title really says it all. A cute maid living in a Japanese apartment who learns about Japanese cuisine in every chapter.
  • Shirley
  • Possibly one of the best mangas of all time for maid-lovers. Shirley is a maid in Edwardian England, and the author is known for paying meticulous amounts of attention to detail. Unfortunately, new chapters come out very slowly, but now would be as good a time as any to get caught up.
  • Tearmoon Empire Story
  • A heroine likely inspired by the real-life Marie Antoinette, Mia Luna Tearmoon, princess of the Empire, is put to death by revolutionaries... and then she wakes up, several years earlier, with full memory of what is to come. The story is a comedy about her slowly saving herself from her fate under the guillotine by bumbling her way through every situation. One of my favorites.


  • Features a tsundere, mystery-solving loli in a fictional European country in post-WW1 Europe. Towards the middle it has some episodes that feel a bit like filler, but it's worth a watch by the end of it. 10/10.

  • Dantalian no Shoka
  • A hidden gem that unfortunately will likely never ever get a second season, Dantalian is often what people who had issues with GOSICK seem to like instead. It's one of the only animes I've ever heard of that has Bergmann pistols in it and best girl has met Hitler canonically. If you can find it somewhere (a daunting challenge in and of itself!), give it a shot.

  • Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?
  • A testament to the strength and resolve of all mankind. I would not miss out on it for the world.

  • Ikoku Meiro no Croisee
  • A manga and show that the illustrator of GOSICK created before her unfortunate passing. It follows a Japanese girl who has moved to Paris in the late 1880's, covering quite a rare setting in the process. You can also watch a cute girl eat French bread a lot.


  • Peacherine Ragtime Society
  • Arctic Outpost Radio
  • Film

  • Around the World in 80 Days
  • Technically a television mini-series, anything adapted faithfully from the works of Jules Verne is going to be a masterpiece.

  • Clue
  • My favorite film. An infinitely rewatchable take on the board game you've played before at least once. It's on Youtube for free.

  • The Middleton Family at the New York World Fair
  • A promotional film recorded in 1939 for the World Fair, this short film is a rare genuine glimpse into life back then. The film showcases the developing technologies that will dominate the next century, the hopes of the American people for the future, espouses the values of the general American populace (which many in today's media wish to hide from you!), and features footage of a time capsule buried and not to be reopened until the year 6939. The film is a genuine gift from the people of the past to us.

    Study Material

  • Transatlantic Accent
  • Learn to speak like an adult ought to.

  • Cassell's Magazine
  • Read a magazine from over one-hundred years ago.

  • Gramophone Collector
  • An avid collector of talking-machines' information dump.